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Loss-of-Limb Litigation

The loss of a limb is both a physical and an emotional injury. It will affect everything from your mobility to how you perform everyday functions. Phantom sensations from the missing limb may affect you for many years into the future. Amputation can also give rise to a profound sense of grief for the physical and functional loss.

If your amputation was caused by the negligence of someone else in an accident or as the result of a medical error, you may be entitled to compensation. While no amount of money is enough to make up for the loss of a limb, we can help you pursue a recovery to deal with the cost of ongoing medical care, prostheses, home modifications, and rehabilitation.

At Riley & Jackson, P.C., we handle amputation cases. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Helping You Regain as Much Mobility and Function as Possible

Loss of a limb can present significant limitations and challenges. However, prosthetic devices continue to improve and can offer improved mobility and function that were never available to amputation victims in the past. Our goal is to help you get enough money so you can afford the best medical devices and rehabilitation so you can live your life as fully as possible.

Our lawyers will work with experts to assess everything you will need for the rest of your life, including medical care, medical technology, home modifications and future treatment. Our lawyers will work hard to make sure you get the help and resources you need.

Compassionate assistance: When Vera Booker lost her left leg because of a medical error, our lawyers took up her cause and handled her case. As a result of her jury verdict, she and her husband were able to make their home wheelchair accessible and buy other conveniences to make her life easier. Read testimonials from Vera Booker and other clients.

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