Products Liability in an Automobile Collision

Products Liability in an Automobile Collision

Have you suffered a personal injury as the result of an automobile collision? Did someone you know or love die as a result of an automobile collision? Are you aware that your car collision could have been caused by a defective product?  Many car collisions can be caused by defective products placed in your automobile.  This is a products liability claim.  If you have had an automobile collision and have been injured, Riley & Jackson, P.C. can examine the collision scene and thoroughly inspect the vehicle to determine if a defective product could be at fault.

There are numerous types of products placed in your automobile which can be defective.  These include: seatbelt failures, defective tires, or improperly working airbags.

Defective Seatbelts

Often, seatbelts can be the cause of an injury or death when the belt does not latch properly.  Also, a seatbelt can become unlatched at the time of the collision.  If a seatbelt rips or tears during a collision, it does not properly secure the passenger in the vehicle.  There are several other ways a seatbelt can be defective, including software design or overall design of the seat and seatbelt.

Defective Tires

Defective tires can be the cause of a collision.  Defective tires can cause a blowout which causes a driver to lose control of the automobile.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 738 motor vehicle traffic fatalities in 2017 were cause by tire-related crashes.  You can check online to see if your tires have been recalled through a link offered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Click here to check your tires:

Defective Airbags

Defective airbags can also result in serious injuries or death.  Airbags can fail to deploy, can unexpectedly deploy, or can be delayed in deploying.  Airbags are designed to save lives.  When the airbag malfunctions, this often leads to preventable injuries.

Let Us Investigate

Riley & Jackson, P.C. has investigated numerous collisions for products liability claims.  We work closely with experts and engineers to fully investigate a design defect.  If you have had a collision, call us at (205) 879-5000 and let us help you.

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