How Do I Know When I Can Sue My Builder?

There are many situations where you, the homeowner, can sue your builder or contractor for poor workmanship. Defective construction can cause you to suffer significant property damage from many things including water leaks, cracked foundation, cheap or inadequate materials, and settlement issues.

Typical claims attorneys at Riley & Jackson, P.C. file against builders or contractors include (1) defects in design, workmanship, or materials, (2) structural failures, and (3) negligence.  These claims are explained below.


(1)  Defects In Design, Workmanship, or Materials

Poor construction and the use of cheap materials are common claims filed in new home construction cases. Did your builder cut corners to save time or money?  If so, these cheap, cost saving efforts often can result in damage to your home.  Have you had to have your builder or contractor continue to make the same repairs multiple times?  This is a red flag that you may have a defect in your home’s construction.


(2)  Structural Failures

Did your builder build an improper structure for your home? Structural failures can lead to:

  • water leaks
  • foundation cracks
  • termite infestation
  • sunken floors and/or
  • out of level walls

Walls may crack in a particular pattern, or water may come in through leaking doors and windows that have shifted due to improper settling. In some cases, materials used to clad a home can cause moisture to become trapped in the wall and lead to major mold problems. Often, structural deficiencies can be more difficult to identify and solve.  We are here to help uncover structural failures.


(3)  Negligence

Did your builder or contractor not properly grade the land for construction of your home? For example, improper soil compaction, poor grading, and improper drainage can cause damage to the home and even make it unlivable.  The law imposes the obligation upon your builder or contractor to exercise the reasonable degree of care, skill and knowledge that is ordinarily employed by such building professionals.


Have Your Construction Defect Claim

Reviewed By An Attorney

There are many different types of construction defects. Some are readily apparent, while others can require experts to diagnose and cure. Riley & Jackson, P.C. will hire the experts and engineers to prove your builder or contractor was negligent in constructing your home.  Our attorneys will examine the details of your case to find the likely source of property damage, and work with experts to prove the cause of damage in order to get you the settlement you need to rebuild.

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