A Resolution to Give in the Magic City

Christmastime is a time of giving, and giving this past year was more important than ever. So many individuals and families across the state, nation and world have been negatively impacted by the Coronavirus. Jobs have been lost, furloughs have left a permanent impact on budgets, stress has been at an all-time high, and things some could once easily afford were, and still are, out of reach. Our firm, Riley & Jackson Attorneys, would like to shed some light on a few of our favorite Birmingham-based charities as we leave the holidays behind, and enter 2021. We urge you to make a New Year’s Resolution to give in the Magic City.

A Few of Our Personal Favorites:

Founded in 1944, The Jimmie Hale Mission has helped thousands of men struggling with homelessness and addiction.  Providing spiritual support, job readiness, education remediation and recovery support, The Jimmie Hale Mission strives to equip men with the tools required to become self-sufficient and productive citizens. These life-changing programs are all free to those who need them, which is why it is so important to donate to their cause. If you would like to contact The Jimmie Hale Mission, or give a donation directly from your phone or computer, visit their website, https://jimmiehalemission.com/.

Clean water is a luxury that is so often taken for granted. At Neverthirst, a charity aimed at providing unreached communities with clean water, entire communities and villages around the world are being transformed through the installation of wells that provide clean water to those with the most need. Neverthirst also promotes community involvement through fundraising and maintenance training, allowing these wells to be cared for by the people they are serving. If you would like to donate or become involved with Neverthirst, visit their website https://www.neverthirstwater.org/.

Kid One Transport, another Birmingham-based charity, provides an essential need that is often overlooked. The mission of Kid One is to “transport children and expectant mothers, with limited or no transportation, to medical care”. Through providing transportation to these children and expectant mothers in Birmingham, Kid One’s ultimate goal is to ensure a higher quality of life to the individuals they serve. If you would like to become involved with Kid One Transport or give a needed donation, visit their website https://www.kidone.org/.

Over the last forty-six years, King’s Home has been called home by hundreds of children, teens and women. Those who have stayed at one of King’s Home’s twenty-two homes across four counties in Alabama were seeking refuge, kindness and hope as they transitioned from dire situations, such as homelessness, domestic violence, abandonment and more. If you would like to donate or become involved with King’s Home, visit their website https://www.kingshome.com.

Make A New Year’s Resolution to Give:

These are only a handful of the many local charities devoted to bettering the lives of others and our community in Birmingham. We highly encourage you to find a charity with a mission that is close to your own heart, and become involved going forward into the New Year. Many charities need donations that aren’t monetary, such as: canned goods, winter clothes, personal hygiene items, toys, and simply your time as a volunteer. In a time when so many are in need of so much, even the smallest donation makes an incredible difference. Happy New Year, Birmingham.

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